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Anesthesiology and Reanimation

Anesthesiology is a general term for every kind of induced conscious loss .

This procedure is done by anesthesiologist during in-hospital operations in order to make a facilitated situation for surgical interventions.

A-General Anesthesia: This is called for sleeplike state among the surgery. There is no consciousness or pain during procedure. During general anesthesia, anesthesiologist uses a tracheal tube or mask, to deliver oxygen and anesthetic gases for the patient.

B-Regional anesthesia: Applying anesthetics or analgesic medications to a specified region of the body or directly on the surgical territory is called regional anesthesia. During spinal or epidural techniques the anesthesiologist blocks neural pathways running from peripherals to the brain just at the spinal column. This technique is best advised to the pregnants for mother and child safety.