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Clinical Psychology


Clinical psychology is the branch of psychology that examines an individual`s mental, behavioral and emotional disorders.

Clinical psychology is a psychology specialty that provides ongoing and comprehensive mental and behavioral health care for individuals and families, as well as counseling with government agencies and grassroots groups, education and supervision, and research-based education.  It is a broad specialty - covering a wide range of severe psychological trauma - and is characterized by comprehensiveness as well as the integration of knowledge and skills within and outside of psychology. The scope of clinical psychology includes all ages, multiple variations and systems, and it should be noted that the scope of tasks of clinical psychology differs from that of psychiatry. General working areas of clinical psychology, includes the fields of evaluating the problems with techniques such as testing and interview, diagnosis, intervention for solution and scientific research. This branch also, deals with serious mental conditions as well as interventions such as education, training and counseling. The professionals who carry out these studies are psychiatrists and clinical psychologists.