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General Surgery

In general, surgery approaches, the aim is recovering of the patient`s health as soon as possible.

Bölge hospital's General Surgery group provides patients examine, diagnosis and treatment services in the following fields.

Thyroid gland diseases: Goiter, Hyperthyroidism, Thyroid cancers.

Breast dieases: Breast cansers and benign tumors.

Stomach and colon diseases: Cansers, Occlusions, İnflammatory diseases.

Anal region diseases: Hemorrhoids, Anal fissure and abscess.

Liver diseases:  Tumors and cysts.

Gall bladder diseases: Gallstones, cysts and inflamed gall bladder.

Pancreas diseases:  Tumors, cysts and Inflammatory diseases.

Herniase: Abdominial wall, Inguinal and post-operative hernias.

Minor surgical operations: All such procedures performed under local anesthesia.

Endoscopic operations: Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy, PEG (Percutaneous Gastroscopy and placing feeding tube).

Laparoscopic surgery:

Laparoscopic surgical methods, that have become inevtiable for general surgery, enable to lessen the duration of surgery and hospitalization. So, patients can return to normal life in shorter time. The most appropriate treatment for the patient is explained in detail by our general surgeons. After this procedure, the consent form is filled out by the patient in accordance with international health standards. As a result, the patient has the right to know all the details of the operation performed before the surgery. In addition, in some high-risk illnesses and surgical emergencies, support and all varieties of surgical opportunities are available to the patient.

  • Cancer Surgery.

  • Colon cancer surgery.

  • Stomach Cancer Surgery .

  • Rectom Cnacer Surgery (Anus/Anal region Cancer).

  • Breast cancer surgery.