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Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is the most natural and permanent method of hair restoration for a person who has suffered from hair loss.

Depending on hormonal and genetic factors, the hair on the frontal part of the head falls out easily, while the hair on the back is more resistant to hair loss. The transplanted hair follicles obtained from areas resistant to hair loss, such as the back of the head, this region does not experience hair loss because of its structure. Thanks to some technological advances in recent years, the techniques have made it possible to achieve a more basic, neat and natural result.

How is the hair transplant process performed?

The goal of hair transplantation, transition of the person's own healthy hair to the area where shedding and thinning is experienced, this way provides a natural appearance. The back areas of the head, unlike the upper and front parts of the head, are genetically resistant to hair loss. In the process, healthy hair follicles of this area are obtained from this area and transplanted to areas with thin and sparse hairs.

Hair transplantation can be performed on men and women after age of 20 years. As any medical procedure, a physician examination is necessary to determine the appropriateness of the recipient and the manner through transplantation can be performed. Some patients need additional treatment beforehand, but problem of some patients can be solved without any need for hair transplantation. In addition, all factors such as the structure of the individual's hair, hair growth status and characteristics of hair loss, medical history, heredity, hair condition in the implant area, age and health status are assessed by a specialist.

An important point for planning treatment before hair transplantation is assessment of health conditions and the capacity of the area where hair is implanted.

Patients, who’s their hair loss has been continued and the ones who their hair loss has completely stopped depending on age are also evaluated. As hair loss will be completely stopped around the age of 40, This age is the most ideal age to get the most effective results in a single session. Sometimes due to re-hair loss, the patient is advised to stop treatment for 2 or 3 sessions.

Each Patient's condition, depending on the condition of the hair loss is assessed separately because hair transplants may not be needed. Heart and blood pressure patients treated with this method need to evaluate with details.

In selection of appropriate hair transplant center in which the hair transplantation process performed by experienced specialists, considering all mentioned factors, will an important point for a patient in the selection of professional center.