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Medical Ozone


It is one of the recently applied techniques for healthy or non healthy individuals to improve quality of life and rejuvenation of the cells.

By the use of this technique intravenously, we could increase antioxidants in the blood and improve immune system, activate metabolism, regenerate cartilage and collagen tissues in the joints and finally rejuvenate the whole body.

What is  Ozone?

Ozone is a 3 atomic form of oxygen molecule that is active in body tissues just because of its 3rd oxygen atom.


Ozone is indicated for following selected groups:

1. Blood circulation disorders and in geriatrics

2. Wide spectrum viral infections

3. Hard to treat infectious diseases and systemic inflammations

4. Cancer patients and immune system disorders

Systemic ozone is delivered to the patient by major hemotherapy (via blood) or minor hemotherapy (via muscke) routs.

Caution: Ozone may cause severe pulmonary inflammation if breathed directly.

Otherwisely Ozone is one of the safest and effective methods used for systemic health and well-being.

In our center we offer these technique by our certificated specialists, using high tech materials and last scientific approach.