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Physical therapy and Rehabilitation


It works for the treatment of loss of function and movement that may develop differently in each person.

Physical therapy and Rehabilitation is a treatment for who lost the function and movement so may be different for each person. This specialty deals with diagnosis, treatment or preventive treatment of congenital or acquired problems of muscles, nerve and skeletal system. Besides this unit covers orthopedic problems, hernia, paralysis, trauma, pain, calcification, postoperative dysfunction, neurological diseases and movement limitations caused by other diseases.

Fields that Physical therapy and rehabilitation unit deal with:

  • Increase movements in patients with complete or partial paralysis, ensuring good coordination between muscle groups.

  • Improvement of the quality of life of patients with spinal cord injuries and cerebral palsy.

  • Rehabilitation of meniscus, muscle injuries, fractures and other problems due to sports injuries.

  • Reinforcement of patient's movements with special physical therapy methods after diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.

  • Rehabilitation of osteoporosis and degenerative joint diseases.

  • Treatment of patients with spinal curvature defined as scoliosis.

  • Elimination of movement restrictions due to fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome and increasing the quality of life of patients.

  • Rehabilitation after microsurgical operations in hand injuries.

  • Rehabilitation of lumbar and neck hernias before and after surgery, so patients can quickly return to their daily activities.

  • Remedy of neck-related headaches.

  • Painless and effective elimination of muscle spasms and other problems in the musculoskeletal system, including waist, neck, back and other areas with manual therapy.

Aapplications of  physical therapy and rehabilitation

All physical therapy and rehabilitation applications are performed by specialist physicians and physiotherapists within modern medical science. The most common treatments used in physical  Therapy are listed below.

  • Exercise.

  • Electrotherapy.

  • Phototherapy.

  • Hydrotherapy.

  • Manual Therapy.

  • Mechanotherapy.

  • Thermotherapy.

  • Cryotherapy.