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Radiological imaging methods are examinations that guide physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Radiology, also called diagnostic imaging, is a series of different tests that take pictures or images of various parts of the body that guides physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Our Hospital possesses the most advanced state-of-the-art radiology devices and all the diagnostic and treatment radiological procedures are carried out by the experienced physician team.

Advanced devices that are established in our hospital and provide services:

  • Full-digital direct beam radiography.

  • Digital Fluoroscopy.

  • Bone density measurement (BMD).

  • Computed tomography angiography.

  • Panoramic x-ray.

  • Mammography.

  • Ultrasonography.

  • Color Doppler Ultrasonography.

  • Multi-Sliced computed tomography.

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

When you refer to hospital for radiology, please bring your old radiological examinations with yourself. If you render your radiologist detailed information about yourself and medical history, a more accurate diagnosis will be made and your treatment will start sooner. In the radiology, radiation is used in various fields, which both beneficial to human health and equally harmful. Areas designated for radiology are marked with various warning signs and symptoms. Patients and especially pregnant women should pay attention to these signs and should not enter the prohibited areas.