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Vascular Disease Treatment


Cardiovascular Surgery involves surgeries, performed by a team of cardiologists on the heart and four main arteries.

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in Turkey as well as in the world. Medical advances provide possibility to diagnose cardiovascular disease in people who do regular check-ups. Our cardiovascular surgery group of hospital has a high-technology equipment and infrastructure in order to maintain heart health, diagnose and treat heart diseases. If you have cardiovascular disease or need surgical treatment, you can do your examinations and treatment procedure by our professional staff in the hospital's cardiovascular surgery department.

The Bölge hospital is equipped with intensive care units and advanced life support devices in combination with an experienced cardiac anesthesia team who perform successful surgeries and allow patients to recover more easily in the postoperative period.

Cardiovascular Surgery department provides following services:

  • Coronary bypass surgery and Coronary bypass surgery on the beating heart.

  • Repair or replacement of heart valves with prosthesis, Aortic valve replacement or repair, Mitral valve replacement or repair and tricuspid valve replacement or repair.

  • Vascular Disease Surgeries, Aortic aneurysm surgery (ascending-arch descending/combined), Aortic dissection surgery (Acute-Chronic) and peripheral vascular surgery.

  • Heart transplantation, Artificial heart pumps, Surgery of heart failure (Anti-remodeling surgeries) and pericardiectomy cardiac tumor surgery.

  • Treatment of varicose veins without surgery.